MAC personality palette/ Prissy Princess

Good Afternoon on Wednesday August 23rd.

I hope you are all well and are having a good week so far, continuing the theme of make-up I thought I would share my thoughts on my latest palette purchase which, from the title you can see is the limited edition MAC personality palette in the colour way Prissy Princess and features 8 shadows and a highlighter.

mac_prissy-princess_002_palettePrissy Princess – Shell grey (Creamy Matte), Sweet Tart – Shimmery pale pink (Satin Shine), Eternal Optimist – Shimmery cool brown (Satin Shine), Good Girl & U Know It – Greyed neutral brown (Satin Shine), Too Good to Be True – Cool mid-tone brown with silver pearl (Foil), Fabness – Taupe grey (Smooth Pearl), Spoil Yourself – Dark brown (Creamy Matte), Colour Me Spoiled – Very light pink (Creamy Matte) and finally, She’s a Rainbow – Rose pink with silver highlighter (Opalescent)

Looking at the palette it is clear that we have mainly got a bunch of taupes similar to the mac_macgirls_prissyprincess3_zpsenammbrlclassic satin taupe color which is one of my everyday colors. These neutral colors are complemented by cool and neutral browns, pink, a bit of gray and a sliver of silver. At first glance this product looks like it is designed for those of us with cooler skin tones,  but the reality is that there really aren’t that many grey tones within the palette which means that I personally think this palette would suit warmer skin tones too.

INLINE_02-1There is some fall out especially when using the dark brown color  Spoil Yourself, which looks a little like MAC Brun, exhibits more fallout than the other shades. The first time I used it, I was going for a dark chocolate smoky eye, but I went a little crazy dusting it on my lids and ended up with some on my cheekbones and lower lash lines. but this is less of an issue with the other shadows.

Overall  I do like this product and the looks that you can get using this palette or as I often do, combo the colors with another palette especially if I am going for a darker or smokier eye.

I hope you have a good rest of the week,

Emily xx



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