A quick little update

Good Afternoon on Thursday, August 10th.

BLIMEY its been a long time since I have written on here and whilst this seems to always be the beginning of every blog post at the minute but it has been almost a month since I put anything on here and honestly I have missed it. I have missed sitting down and updating you either on what has happened in my life post-graduation as well as the latest products I have been trying out.

So the current situation is that I am still applying and looking for a graduate job with the plan to become a primary school teacher some point in the future but right now I really need a job!. I also really want to get back into blogging and therefore the schedule will be based on uploading two times a week on a Friday, and a Wednesday to begin with as the previous three times just wasn’t fitting in with everything else. I have a couple of posts planned in terms of holiday as well as some products that I really want to share with you both hair as mine seems to be having a melt down as I have just come back from holiday as well as a few skin care pieces.

As always I hope you are having a good week and see you soon!

Emily x


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