7 things about life after graduation.

Good Morning on Friday, June 30th. 

I wanted to do something a little different for this post as the last couple have been product reviews so I wanted to write one on the things that people don’t tell you about life after graduation.

1. A world without semesters. All your life, you’ve been accustomed to regular turnover. Nothing lasts more than a few months — so even if you hate your psych professor, you move on after four months and it’s no sweat and I mean I’ve been in full-time education for near enough 17 years. But this doesn’t happen when you have a job and live in something that’s not a dorm. You can’t just move or quit every few months to freshen things up, it’s time to make some decisions about what you want do for a career and get ready to enter the adult world of work.

2. How Much?! You thought you knew what all the expenses would be, but I swear, there were some our parents just kept from us and you’ll feel a little betrayed by how much it costs just to be alive every day. Like who knew phone bills and actual adult groceries (produce, not frozen pizzas) were so expensive?

3. Bedtime…what bedtime? It is literally not possible to exist on the student sleep patterns of 4 hours or pulling multiple all-nighters.  You can try, but you’ll literally feel like you’re dying all day long if you don’t get a healthy seven to eight hours every night. No more all-nighters, which is a huge relief.

4. Doesn’t time fly?. I thought the weeks leading up to graduation and deadlines went quickly but after that final exam when you get that sense of freedom time seems to speed up even more. When time is measured by the two-week period between paychecks instead of the four month period of a semester, it goes by wayyyy faster, and you all of a sudden get what your parents meant when they said, “Time’s going by way too fast.”

5. Maybe that last glass of wine wasn’t the best idea after all. After graduation not only do hangovers become exponentially worse but showing up to work hungover is no longer as charming as it used to be (and let’s be honest, was it ever really charming?) Sure, you used to be able to roll out of bed, go to a class or two, and head home to sleep it off, but working a 9-to-5 with a hangover is a whole different story.You may also find yourself relishing the nights you spend sober and by yourself, rather than wanting to go out every night (congratulations, you’re an adult!).

6. Savings. Emergencies happen all the time, and the last thing you want is to have to move back home just because your bathtub overflowed and flooded your apartment, and the repairs bankrupted you. I always try to transfer £100 at the end of each month which I can then draw on for rent or car maintenance if it is still a while until my next pay day. 

7. Completely and utterly lost.  This is probably the stage I am at now where university is done and now its time to find a proper job to make some money whilst trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. But what nobody tells you about life after college is that everybody is just making it up as they go along.  You’re not the only one endlessly sending resumes and subsisting on fast food and ramen. The great news? It only gets better from here.

As always I hope you have found this somewhat interesting  and that you all have a good weekend whether you are working, treating yourself to a lie in or binge watching the latest series on Netflix. 

Until next time, 

Emily xx 


2 thoughts on “7 things about life after graduation.

    • I have checked your blog out and found it really interesting particularly the 10 thoughtful interview questions as I am always worried about what they are going to ask!


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