Jeffree Star cosmetics- Liquid Lipsticks

Good morning on Wednesday, June 28th. I hope you are all having a good week so JeffreeStarCosmetics-VelourLiquidLipsticks-REVIEW-SWATCHES-34171far and if not well we are half way through the working week now so not that long until the weekend- I’m off to see Rick Astley! Right now I am in the middle of sorting out the rest of the things I have brought home from uni as well as attempting to organize and book a holiday, find a job and get ready for graduation in terms of finding the perfect dress/ shoes etc.  So I thought why not squeeze in a blog post both updating and sharing with you my thoughts on the Liquid Lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics which have become a firm favorite.

I love the formula of this product as I have been a long time fan of liquid lipsticks and so images (2)am always on the hunt for something that will stay put for a considerable amount of time without flaking off or going patchy. In terms of the consistency these products are kind of a mixture between a lipstick and gloss but at the same time they are not shiny drying down matte and are not uncomfortable or sticky. My favorite shades are Rose Matter which is a really pretty corally pink color which is perfect for summer, Leo which is again a very pretty dark nude and finally the limited edition Manny MUA Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade I’m Shook which is a deep rose color. I also love the applicator for this product as the wands are fairly short and chunky, they have a largely sized doe foot applicator and pick up a good amount of product.

These aren’t the easiest to get hold of in the UK needing to either ship them from the US or I have ordered mine from Beauty Bay retailing at £16. Whilst this is more expensive than those available in the drugstore I think that you are more than pairing for the formula and the quality of the product. Overall if you are a fan of liquid lipsticks then these are something that you should check out and the shades are incredible.

As always I hope you found this interesting- the plan is that there will be a post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from now on depending on how things go so keep your eyes peeled !!

Emily xxx


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