Monday June 12th 2017

Hello everyone,

I didn’t  really know what to write about for this post so it has kinda turned into a mixture of things. As Ikem-chong-nang-la-roche-posay-anthelios-xl-ultra-light-fluid-spf-50-50ml-10-768x538 am writing this I am travelling back home for a few days although since finishing university all I seem to be doing is travelling back and forward between Nottingham and Home and whilst this does only take  2 hours on the train  the ever changing bed and darkness of the room has completely thrown off my sleep patterns which I have to say are pretty bad anyway through the all nighters of a dissertation to binge watching on Netflix. I am in no way complaining about being able to have a staBle roof over my head as I know there are plenty of people who have it far worse than I do but combined with finishing off my placement and packing up the flat I feel (and look) exhausted with the dark circles under my eyes only getting darker !!

Along with this fascinating update about my life I thought i would tie in a product review  as entering my 20s I made the decision to really set up and work on a skin care routine moving from just using a foaming cleanser and micellar water  I have no a 5 step routine in the evenings and I am always looking to change and try new products which I want to share with you as I discover new favourites or those that just didn’t work out for me. So moving into products such as Retinoids and acids art night it is really important that you use a good SPF not every day if you are not spending any time in the sunshine and here in the UK the weather seems to be changing all the time. As we move into the warmer weather I thought I would share my current SPF favourite which is great both as part of an acid based skin Clare routine but also if you want to build another layer of protection underneath your everyday make-up routine.

The product that I want to share with you today is the Anthelios XL Ultra Lights Fluid SPF 50+ by La Roche-Posey. This is a  high broad-spectrum protection sunscreen fluid which has a very light texture which is very different to the classic sunscreens that I was used to which are often ver thick and heavy but the smell always take you back to your holiday and I use the version for normal to combination skin. This product is really easy to apply and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky which is what I really like about this product as well as the fact that there is no odd looking white cast and it does sit well under foundation. I also love that this product offers broad, and photostable UVA/UVB protection with an optimal SPF of 50+ which means that I don’t have to worry about using multiple products to ensure that I am covered and the fact that it is water resistant helps too. However,  are spending long periods of time outside in the sunshine you do need to reapply regularly.

Overall I really like this product and will definitely repurchase it, the only thing I would say if that I don’t bother with it if I am spending the day in front of my laptop and only popping out to the local shops because it really isn’t necessary but for those days relaxing on the beach or in the garden this is one of my favourite products and it is easily built into your existing routine.

I hope you enjoyed this mixture of things, as I am still moving forward and backward over the next couple of weeks I think I will keep it like this and then re-evaluate from there. I also really want to do a couple of posts on holiday essentials so let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

Until next time,

Emily xxx


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