This is a completely unexpected post to be writing this evening and one I didn’t think I would have to write anytime soon after the tragedy that happened in Westminster earlier this year but in light of what happened yesterday evening in Manchester, it seemed only right.  This isn’t going to be an overly long blog piece because, to be honest, I am heart broken. I have friends who go to university in the city and with my brother set to head there in Septemeber I know how beautiful it is dull of culture and community and now it seems like that has been tainted by this act of terrorism which has had such a profound effect on hundreds of people both at the concert and all of their family and friends.

For all I have written about looking into the future after graduation that all seems so insignificant with all those killed and hurt in the explosion and what does it matter when there are people who are willing to strip life rather than see it for the incredible thing  that it is. Studying Sociology and society it really makes you think whether we have really changed that much, I mean there have been some incredible things even within my own lifetime, the Equality Act in 2010 and the legalization of gay marriage and then it all comes back to fear and pain and hurt.

Looking ahead I see myself with a family of my own and I cannot imagine the pain of the parents of the 22 people killed including children who will never see their amazing future. I want a world where this pain really is a thing of the past where the threat of terrorism isn’t there and people can go and do the things that they love like seeing their idol in concert, walk through London or enjoy a good night out clubbing without the fear that they might  never go home.  As the names of the victims are beginning to be released it makes it all that much harder and honestly makes me question the humanity within the 21st century.

I know that people in this amazing city and across the world will come together in a symbol of unity against terrorism and my prayers go out to everyone and with many people still missing I know this will be in the minds of everyone for a long time to come.

Stay safe out there and we stand strong with Manchester



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