This is a completely unexpected post to be writing this evening and one I didn’t think I would have to write anytime soon after the tragedy that happened in Westminster earlier this year but in light of what happened yesterday evening in Manchester, it seemed only right.  This isn’t going to be an overly long blog piece because, to be honest, I am heart broken. I have friends who go to university in the city and with my brother set to head there in Septemeber I know how beautiful it is dull of culture and community and now it seems like that has been tainted by this act of terrorism which has had such a profound effect on hundreds of people both at the concert and all of their family and friends.

For all I have written about looking into the future after graduation that all seems so insignificant with all those killed and hurt in the explosion and what does it matter when there are people who are willing to strip life rather than see it for the incredible thing  that it is. Studying Sociology and society it really makes you think whether we have really changed that much, I mean there have been some incredible things even within my own lifetime, the Equality Act in 2010 and the legalization of gay marriage and then it all comes back to fear and pain and hurt.

Looking ahead I see myself with a family of my own and I cannot imagine the pain of the parents of the 22 people killed including children who will never see their amazing future. I want a world where this pain really is a thing of the past where the threat of terrorism isn’t there and people can go and do the things that they love like seeing their idol in concert, walk through London or enjoy a good night out clubbing without the fear that they might  never go home.  As the names of the victims are beginning to be released it makes it all that much harder and honestly makes me question the humanity within the 21st century.

I know that people in this amazing city and across the world will come together in a symbol of unity against terrorism and my prayers go out to everyone and with many people still missing I know this will be in the minds of everyone for a long time to come.

Stay safe out there and we stand strong with Manchester



I almost didn’t recongise you there


Crikey its’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here and as I am procrastinating rather than doing the things I am supposed to I thought why not finally get round to updating my blog!

This is officially my last week of my degree until graduation as my one and only exam is on Friday so I am currently cramming a years worth of revision into a week but I’m sure it will be fine. I’ve talked about staring into the void that is life after university before on this blog but now it really is here and cor blimey I’m really not sure I’m ready. On the plus side, I have finally decided that I want to train to become an early years/ pre-school teacher and have somewhat started to plan my career into this field but who knows I might change my mind in a couple weeks. I am currently reaching the end of my placement that I decided to take part in order to enhance my CV and I have totally fallen in love with the class I have been placed with and will miss them so much. I have a couple of weeks left but it just wont be the same and it was this that helped me to decide that teaching is what I wanted to venture into.

With the end of my university experience round the corner I am actually heading back home for a while and off to see TAKE THAT with my mum which I am so excited for. Looking at my calendar I am traveling home and back to my flat more so in the next couple of weeks that I do in a whole year due to the need to finish… I mean start packing up my flat and with a couple of other commitments to see to before graduation plus the fact I need a good date night as we have both been so busy!

I suppose the next thing I need to do is actually start applying for graduate jobs and I know I have promised a post on this and there is one coming I just need to get this exam out the way and then I will be able to concentrate on my blog and which I really want to work on over the next coming weeks. As it is exam season I wish all of you good luck and I hope you have a good rest of the week.

As it is likely there will be no post on Thursday keep an eye out over the weekend. Until then.


Emily xx


What to expect in your first year at university.

Hello again, 

I hope you are all well and having a good week. As I have just completed another piece of coursework I thought now would be a good time to get a blog piece up on time. As some of you will be heading to university for the first time come September I thought it would be a good idea to go through what to expect as leaving home for the first time is a pretty big step.  Making the transition from high school to university can be a daunting situation. There are a lot of expectations when you start university and of course, there are the student stereotypes of crazy freshers’ weeks, cheap beer and the occasional lecture but what can first year students really expect from their first year at university?

The first thing to note is that looking back at my first year, your student days as a “fresher” are the best as you will meet lots of new friends  who are all in the same situation as you and the opportunity to join lots of new clubs or take part in a new sport are best to do in year 1 as things will only get busier! Whilst the freedoms that come with leaving home for the first time will occupy many students’ minds, the reality of studying at undergraduate level is much different to being taught from the confines of a school classroom.

Workload- Workload in the first year of university is often a lot heavier than many students anticipate. It is a common misconception that there is very little work to do in year 1, especially considering the transition from high school or college to university. Many students (including myself) fall into the trap that because lecture slides are made available online that there is no need to go to every lecture.  Whilst this is true and something which I have used as justification often during coursework you will need to go beyond what is taught in the classroom and having extra notes will help. It is also really important to get a good work ethic started in year one which will  ensure that you meet all your deadlines. Whilst I am more than guilty about pulling an all-nighter this is not the way to go!

Money– Increased university fees are a constant worry for students. Rising prices and the idea of moving from an almost cost-free lifestyle to one where everything has a price is a scary one. It is paying for the students’ lifestyle from day to day that is the biggest concern most students myself included as here in the UK you get a maintenance loan every year which is split into three terms which is all I have to live on as I have chosen not to get a part time job.  Therefore, managing money  is really important but at the same time can be more difficult than one would expect but setting budgets and taking the forgotten extras into consideration will help you to have a better grasp on just how much money you will need.
I find it really useful to use the mobile banking apps and try to check my balance at the end of every week so that I know whether I am able to treat myself at the weekend whether it is new clothes, or a takeaway. 

Fresher’s week- It’s incredible – the best part of the year. You get to know your flatmates and meet new people, all in a great environment where everyone just wants to have a good time. You effectively become nocturnal and your sleeping pattern is completely destroyed, but it’s all fun and definitely worth immersing yourself into. You only get one Freshers’ Week, so make the most of it! 

The Freedom- The independence you get at university is unbelievable, so embrace the fact the world is your oyster. If you fancy a walk at 4am, you can do it. There’s no asking your parents, you just go. Of course, I wouldn’t advise a stroll in the middle of the night, but it’s what I always think about when considering the freedom you have. The independence on offer is an essential factor as to why the first year is so brilliant.

The Food- Now this one may surprise you. You might be thinking: ‘What will I do without my mum’s cooking?’ Well, the independence you have means that you have the licence to buy any food you want.For example, one of my flatmates loved pasta, so had it for every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. No joke. For me, it was all about chicken steaks, chips, and beans, but each to their own. In your first year, you will either learn to cook, eat microwave meals, or pass out (would avoid the last option).

That’s it for now I’m afraid as I look forward to writing another piece of coursework. I hope as always you have found this somewhat interesting. Leave me a comment if you are going to university in September and what you are looking forward to most.

Have a good weekend!


Emily xx