Hello again,

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and here in England it is a bank holiday  which I am more than looking forward to even though it is really cold outside right now. I know there wasn’t a blog post on this week on the scheduled days but I have to admit I forgot needing to do 500 other things which I why  this post is going up today. As you can see from the title this post is going to be about Prom, more specifically I have been shopping around on ASOS and wanted to share my top dresses which aren’t going to break the  bank but still look amazing. For me we had 2 proms, one at the end of year 11 and again at the end of year 13 just before we all headed off to university, leave me comments if this was the same as you and where you went.

Little Mistress Midi Dress with Embroided Bodice and Tulle Skirt Asos £68. I really like this dress as it is perfect for summer and very in trend with the embroidery. There is also enough skin on show with the off the shoulder top half but then it falls low enough that not everything will be on display. I also love the colours on here and I think it will suit most people and the theme of your prom but at the same time totally wear again.

2. ASOS SALON Floral Embroidered Skater Mini Dress £75. This is the most expensive of the dresses that I have included in this post. I love the light blue colour which again is perfect for spring / summer and the embroidered flowers also make this dress look far more expensive. I would pair this with a pair of white/ silver shoes and I would wear this again. The only thing is the length which if you are tall may be an issue especially when dancing!


3. New Look Premium Embellished Mesh Bodycon Dress £59.99.  In case you dont want something which is pastel and very girly this is my next pick which is still very on trend with the mesh overlayer and the embellishment makes it femine but the darker colour makes it more sophisticated and perfect for evening events. You could add colour through shoes or a clutch which would stand out even more against the black.

4. ASOS Slinky Knot Back Kimono Dress £35. Again this dress is a darker colour and by far the most understated but I love the back of this one and I think that this would look stunning with nude or bright heels and a neckless. This dress is definitely one that you could wear again on a night out with the girls which I why this might be my favourite.

5. ASOS Side Cutout Maxi Dress £42. The colour of this dress is amazing and would look stunning with a tan. Again depending on the location of your prom you might want something longer and the cut outs show a little skin. I actually have had both, for my first prom at 16 I had a dark purple floor length dress that I actually still have but haven’t worn again sadly but it looked great in the photos with all my friends. Then for my second when I was 18 I had a much shorter black dress with cut outs which I have since worn for a wedding.

6. ASOS Bardot Jumpsuit with Tie Sleeve in Print. Prom may be traditionally all about the dress but there are also some really stunning jumpsuits on the market. I picked this one out not only because of the on trent off the shoulder finish but I really like the colours on here and think that this would look great teamed with a pair of red shoes ! while this may be alittle uncommon I think they can still look very flattering and would be a great alternative if you dont want to worry about your dress falling down!

7. Boohoo Corded Lace Panelled Skater Dress £35. This is another black dress but at the same time very different to the other one within this post. I love the length of this one with the mini dress underneath and then the longer lace overlay makes it very feminine and you are still showing off your body but at the same time not too much. The only thing I would worry about is the length of the underlayer as if you are tall like me it looks like it is very short.


8. Chi Chi London Premium Metallic Lace Midi Prom Dress with Bardot Neck £72.  This is my last pick and I think this dress is stunning especially the white lace over the darker blue body. This dress is my favourite and would also be great for a wedding as the back is just as pretty as the front.


That’s it, I hope you have enjoyed reading this and gained some inspiration for what to wear for your prom/wedding/ party. There won’t be a post on Monday but schedule permitting Thursday is a go.



Emily xx


Hello again,

Hello everyone and  good afternoon!

Welcome back to my blog, it’s nice to see you again. As you all know it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything on here, actually it was just before heading home for easter break. Now, I am back at university with my dissertation finished and handed in and while I have a huge amount of work still to do, I thought that as I sit here binge watching Grimm, painting my nails and eating popcorn now was the time to get back into my blog.

I don’t want to sound repetitive to other blog posts but having submitted the biggest piece of work I have done to date really emphasises the idea that the end of my university experience is right around the corner.  Although I am fully aware that I need to start looking and applying for graduate jobs I am also eager to go travelling ideally around America, or at least to New York. I feel that I want to experience as many places as I can now before I begin my career as although this may be more economically viable I think the things that you want to do in your twenties are different to those later in life.

So if any of you have ever been travelling on your own and have any advice I would be really interested to know if you have any recommendations for sites that you used or tips please leave them in the comment section below.

I know this isn’t the most interesting or helpful blog but I thought I should get something up- and so the next post is going to be talking about proms and balls- particularly dresses that I have found online that won’t break the budget but still look really good.

Until then,



Starting the next chapter

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a  good week as it is Thursday already! I thought as I begin this search myself it is the right time to talk about searching and applying for graduate jobs which is one of the options available after completing a degree.

  1.  Make a PLAN- First, you need to recognise and acknowledge the pressure you are under. This pressure comes from expectations—from yourself, from friends and fellow graduates, from school tutors, and from parents and relatives. Finding your first job after graduation is a big step and can set the tone for the rest of your career, so it is important to go into the search having considered your options, but it is also just a first step, so don’t let it get so big it overwhelms you. Start with the basics and move forward from there—that’s what a plan will help you to do.
  2. Where to LOOK- Looking for the right job for you is going to be a personal process, and depending on who you are and what you want to do, the traditional routes may not be your best shot. If there is a person you really want to work for (or with), try sending them an email to see if they’d be willing to meet you for a cup of coffee or a drink so you can chat about how they got to where they are. The worst they can say is no, and many such connections have led to something bigger down the line.
  3. APPLYING-  Making a good application depends on identifying your key skills and attributes as well as and being able to demonstrate concisely how they fit in with the requirements identified in the job description.You should also think about how this position (and you, if you are to fill it) fits into the company as a whole. What is their mission statement? What are the company’s short-term and long-term goals? How can you demonstrate that you can help them get there?

    There is increasingly this pressure to use my degree in order to have a good job and make good money especially after the money I have had to spend gaining the degree in the fist place. The issue I have more than anything is having studied a subject such as Sociology it is all about decided what I actually want to do and after three years I still dont know.

I know this is a short piece that is again more about advice that I have found useful rather than a personal experience but I haven’t had the time to write a post like I usually do but I needed to get something up on time.


I hope you found this helpful and I am still aiming to get a post up on Monday which I have planned will go back to being far more personal.

Until then,



When home seems so far away

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend, I am actually writing this on the train heading home for Easter Break with the distraction of Doctor Who in the background. For all that I go on about my time at university ending for some of you reading this, you will be finishing school in the next few months and looking forward to starting your university journey. Whether you are heading off to university, moving for work or like me facing the prospect of what next I thought I would offer some advice when you just wanna go home, which ties slightly into my last post of packing.

Especially now in the last stretch of third year I am so tired and running on about 4 hours of sleep and coffee I have never wanted to go home more. Previously I have written about the feeling of being trapped within my small village but there is something special and comforting about going home. Moving away and into a new place can be daunting and scary but at the same time you need your parents to believe you will be just fine here are  my top three tips.

  1. Don’t feel too guilty about it- Feeling homesick isn’t a weakness, nor is it something you should beat yourself up about. Missing home is something that affects most students – you’ll only make the situation worse if you think of it as something you should feel guilty about. This probably isn’t the best idea but I talk to my mum every single day for at least 20 minutes but at the same time this  might make the situation worse!
  2. Don’t spend too much time in your room- this might be tempting to treat of your room as your own little safe haven, but staying in too much will only serve to make you feel worse.Isolating yourself will make your feelings more intense, as you’ll spend even more time pondering on what you miss about home.Try to keep yourself busy by taking part in social activities, studying at the library rather than in your room, getting a part time job or getting involved in the many opportunities offered will keep you busy and at the same time you will make friends quickly with others that are in the same boat as you.
  3. Explore your new city One of the main reasons we feel homesick is often to do with being in unfamiliar surroundings, so it’s a great idea to set aside some time to explore your uni town or city so you’ll feel more at home.In fact, not getting to know their uni city better is one of the main regrets that I have as I will probably end up going back home or moving somewhere else depending if I have a job and I love living in Nottingham I just haven’t explored the city away from the centre as much as I should have.

If you have any other tips or advice please leave me a comment as I would love to know. The next post is going to be about looking and applying for graduate jobs which is what I am in the process of doing right now. As always I hope you found this interesting if not helpful.

Until next time,

Emily xxx