Packing for university

Hello everyone and happy Thursday,

I hope you are all well and as planned I have just about found the time to sit down and write this post which is going to show you my top things to take to university. As I was the first in my family to go I ended up taking way too much of some stuff and not enough of others and so with my university experience ending as for some it will begin in September, I thought I would share this with you.  I wanted to put in a checklist which I have used every year but depending on what comes within your flat you might not need all of this.

  • Bedroom
    •Duvet- Don’t go over thick as halls of residence get pretty hot you can always buy pretty throws to add layers
    •Duvet covers- I take 2/3 bedding sets ( one on my bed, one in the wash and one spare) these are best to be tumble dried otherwise they take up way to much space. Go for some cool colours and patterns- anything to personalise your room.
    •Mattress protector
    •Pillows & pillow cases
    •Blackout blind- Here in the UK it is not always possible to change the blind if yours is not already black out- you get used to sleeping in whatever darkness is available
    •Doorstop- good for socialising with flat mates but at the same time you can shut the door if you want some time to relax alone
    •Storage boxes
    •Bath towels- again you don’t many of these as you only use 1 or 2 at a  time and storage is often tight so make sure you dont end up taking loads but go from something bright and not too expensive
    •Hand towels
    •Toilet brush
    Kitchen- My top tips for the kitchen is to buy everything in a certain colour say pink  or with a pattern on it so you remember what is yours. Dont go buying anything expensive as they will go missing especially when people are moving out or will get broken.
    •Saucepans and frying pan
    •Kitchen knives
    •Chopping board
    •Potato peeler
    •Spatula/masher/slotted spoon
    •Measuring jug
    •Wooden spoon
    •Baking tray
    •Oven proof dishes
    •Can opener
    •Bottle opener
    •Plates and bowls
    •Mugs and glasses
    •Storage containers
    •Cling film
    •Aluminium foil
    •Tea towels/oven gloves
    •Clothes horse
    •Dish cloths

Laundry- this kind of fits in here, make sure you know where the laudry is, I would say remember to sort out your colors from whites but in my first year I discovered color catchers which if you dont know are pieces of fabric which you put in with your clothes and will catch any color that runs from clothes. This means that I put everything in the machine altogether and don’t have to worry about ruining my white shirt with pink underwear and it also makes it cheaper as at all of the accommodation I have stayed in a wash costs around £2.20 and if you want the dryer its another £1 so throwing it all in saves time and money

Stationery– do try and start organized, I always date and file every single piece of paper as it helps when it comes to assessments to know where everything is. Use a different coloured folder for each module and I really like using project books which are already divided up.

•Hole punch
•Glue and Sellotape
•Blue tack- sticking photos/ decorations will make it seem more like home.
Computer Equipment
•Laptop- a must even if you are not planning on taking it with you every day all assessments for my subject needed to be typed and electronically handed in.
•Memory stick- Just in case something happens backup everything, I also suggest using One drive/ drop box as well
•Laptop cover/bag
•Microsoft Office
First Aid Kit- going with one of these packed is best as you are likely to come down with a cold very quickly mixing with loads of new people and all the nights out for freshers week and therefore having everything saves time and effort.
•Pain killers
•Cold & flu remedies
•Anti histamine
•Antiseptic cream
•Antiseptic wipes

I think i have managed to cover eveything but leave a comment if you have taken something particually usefull so I can add it  to my list. If you are going to university next year I want to a post closer to the time with my best buys and the available packages that some companies  provide but I hope you found this list useful.

This week has been super busy but I am glad to have got this up on time  even though it has taken me ovet two days to get it finished and ready to go but it is Easter break next week and althought I have so much to do I am looking forward to going  home.

That’s it for now so please leave a comment and until next time,

Emily xx






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