Fairy Tale Ending


Good Morning everyone !

I hope you are all well and  that you had a lovely weekend whatever you ended up doing. spending some time out in the sunshine that was here in the UK for a couple days or maybe just catching up with your Netflix queue. Through my window it is very grey compared to the blue skies of yesterday but to be honest it doesn’t really matter today as I am inside working and then I have to run some erands. I don’t know about you but time seems to be flying by  in this last week before easter break and more importantly the deadline for my dissertation (if I haven’t talked about it enough!)

Within my degree we are currently looking at sex and intimacy within society which has led me  to question what is love? Is it the feeling of butterflies when you see your partner or something that is subjective and love to one person doesn’t mean the same to another? Also is young love real? I mean I have a couple of friends which are in relationships where the phase ‘ I love you’ has been uttered perhaps not always with the best of timings but it had been put out there probably with the question of whether it has been said to early. I myself haven’t reached this stage just yet and it isn’t a fear of this word LOVE  the great phenomenon that is  no..its more how do you know you are in love? I’ve turned and I am so totally in love with the idea of ‘the one’ although sociology tells me different I think that the older I have become the fascinated by fairy tales and ‘love at first sight’

Maybe its just that my degree has involved looking at society in such detail that it has just highlighted the negatives and the issues it has that I want the perfect ‘happy ending’ something that my parents have- 22 years married and still so in love despite annoying the hell out of each other- is this love? I understand that sometimes love does not last and it hurts when it doesn’t but is it wrong to want it, the utterly human need for connection with someone ???


Of course here at university, there have been the relationships and of course the drunken kisses and which may or may not have ended up in a bed not necessarily mine but they weren’t anything big enough to take home and meet the parents but this is the goal isn’t it- to find the one? I think that the older I get the more I fall in love with the idea of fairy tales especially with the remake of the classics from my childhood. Most recently Beauty and the Beast but my personal favorite is the live action Cinderella movie that I could happily watch over and over just to see the happy ever after.

I think that there is this fear attached to the phrase ‘love’ especially as a teenager in a relationship, I mean do we really understand what love is and more so in terms of where it is too early to say it. However, there is no way of knowing what will happen from one moment to the next and although it may sound cheesy life really is too short  so I guess don’t go through life with regrets, wishing that you  said ‘I love you’ one more time and it doesn’t have to be to your boy/girlfriend but when was the last time you told your parents- I know they know it but when was the last time you actually said it?

Oh blimey this hasn’t been the most cheerful read either has it, but I have to say I haven’t had the time to write what I planned in time for today and this was a half written post for an assessment which I have just finished off  but Thursday will be a post on what to take to university (Home wear, bedding ect) which I hope some of you will find helpful.

Until Next Time,


Emily xx


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