End of Year 1

Good evening,

I hope you are all well and your week hasn’t gotten off to a bad start although we are only on Monday. I am struggling to fit everything in this week and so actually haven’t had the time over the weekend to sit down and write a blog post for today. Bearing that in mind and the point of setting up this blog I thought I would share a piece I wrote for another beauty based blog looking back at my first year of university. So here it is- the blog post I wrote on the train heading back home for the final time before moving out day. It isnt to embarrassing but thought it might be something interesting to read-I would have loved to stay up a little longer and I have fallen completely in love with the city and the

I would have loved to stay up a little longer and I have fallen completely in love with the city and the life style that comes along with it and I am sad to be heading back to the countryside and my little town in the middle of nowhere. I always struggle getting back into any sort of routine when I visit home because it is so quite and isolated and honestly I feel a little alone  even though I am with my family Coming from a  little town in the middle of nowhere I have always loved the city every time visited London mainly because the noise of the place and it is the same thing here in Nottingham and I have always had these dreams of getting away from the village and living in New York and more recently Hawaii and these dreams still remain although I now need to consider how I am going to be able to achieve these as if the next two year of my degree pass as quickly as this one I will be graduating in no time.

Another thing about going home is that I do feel isolated from  the world I used to have in terms of friendships as although I have been away the world and my friends have moved on and while I haven’t been left behind through my own adventures we are nowhere as close as we were before and this is going to be hard especially with all the time I now have to spend at home but I do have a job so this will hopefully give me the opportunity to meet some new people.I feel a little trapped and stuck when I go home because it almost lie regressing back to when I lived back home full time rather than having moved out and grown up my parents still treat me like a child which is hard  as I have had to take care of myself  whilst I have been away and therefore don’t need them to do everything  for me as I did before. BUT there is no way I ever regret going to university and o have made myself some amazing friends and fallen in love once or twice and I think I have matured greatly due to this experience. 

I hope you found this somewhat interesting and I will try and get time to write something for Thursday perhaps about starting as I am, to look for a graduate job/ life after university so leave me a comment if this is something you would be interested in.

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and until next time,


Emily x


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