Hurtling towards the end

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week so far whatever it may involve whether it is school university or a job.  I want to begin this post with a kind of update about what’s been going on this week so far. This week has been a real struggle for me in terms of the amount of stuff I have had to do for the very quickly approaching deadlines and so it has involved a lot of late nights and hours poured into the library.

This is kinda what this blog post is about as I wanted to share with you some advice and tips that I use when managing multiple deadlines as well as everything else and managing to sleep and see the outside of my flat or the library for a few hours. The way my course is structured has meant that in year one and two the work we had was not a huge amount just a few assessments which seemed to be equally stretched out- same for third year right?

No! It is nowhere near the same thing it’s like saved everything and shoved it all into the final year and all within the same three months too. Anyway now you’ve had me moan at how much I have to do- and you should see the length of my to do list for this week, let’s go through some tips to manage everything 

  1. Time Managment- This is a key skill to have throughout your education and something that employers will look for on your CV.  One of the things that I do usually as soon as I am able to get hold of all the deadlines is write a list putting them in date order and clearly prioritizing the one that is in first.  if it is just reading an article or answering questions get these out the way to focus on bigger projects but at the same time remembering to go back over everything to remember what the topic was and my answers. 
  2.  Reward yourself- Whether it’s food, going out to meet your friends or letting yourself have a break to watch YouTube or Netflix (provided you don’t get sucked in and stop working completely!), incentives can be a good way to get work done. Either set a timer or alarm for however long you work best (some people can do an hour, whilst others prefer 15-20 minute bursts!) and after that amount of time, put down your pen and give yourself a reward. If it helps, set another alarm for when you’ll go back to work. Alternatively, let yourself stop working when you hit a certain word count or you finish a section of your work – set yourself a goal and when you’ve achieved it, reward yourself! You deserve it.
  3. Turn off distractions! Whilst it can be difficult to tear yourself away from beloved Netflix or turn the music off, if you found yourself getting too absorbed in watching something or singing along and not concentrating properly on your work, it’s probably best to turn it off.  Although personally I don’t enjoy it often struggling with the silence actually I have found I take in information better when working in silence- head to your university library where usually there are silent study rooms or zones.
  4. Excerise – This is something that I use when  I have spend 15 hours in front my laptop and I’m ready to start talking to the walls. You don’t need a gym membership, load up your phone, grab some workout clothes and hit the streets. Going for a run especially first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day and has long since been a  way for me to take a break. 
  5. Start early! For some, it may be too late and this is something I only ever remember in hindsight that I never remember to do for my next assignment. Starting early and doing small bits every few days is so much easier than doing it all in the three days before. I always have a friend that manages to be motivated enough to do their work weeks before it’s due in but I find I need more pressure that a looming deadline gives me. This isn’t the best thing to do especially with large projects- starting early leave you time to make plenty of changes and make sure that it is as good as it is going to get before submitting your work.
  6. Break Down the ProjectsAlways break down the projects into small activities and fix milestones for each activity. When the project is broken down into small steps, it becomes easier to carefully monitor them but make sure the milestones are sensible enough to complete the project.
  7. Always aim to finish a day early – to allow for mishaps like unexpected interruptions or computer and printing glitches.

I get that most of these are common sense but if you do these then for me it has helped somewhat in the past to manage my workload but recently my bad habits such as oullg late or all nighters running on coffee and quick/ easy foods have returned with full force. While I don’t mind doing them now they aren’t the best thing and I do find myself struggling to stay motivated having stayed up till the early hours working.

This is something slightly different to the previous two posts but I needed to get something up as I am slammed with week  actually writing this late Tuesday night in a spare half hour so that I have something to go up on  Thursday- let me know if you want to see more like this such as those on budgeting or perhaps tips for your first year/moving away from home for the first time.

Until Next Time,

Emily xx



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