Why don’t we start from the beginning?

Where to start?… oh hello is a beginning I suppose. Hello everyone and welcome to my first post on my new blog which is very different to the one I have already on beauty and skin care but that seems to be a very popular topic to blog about so why not share something different.  I am actually writing this  at 9pm when I am supposed to be doing something completely different- Procrastination right here!

I thought as a first post and hopefully to make this interesting I would share with you my journey so far which has led me here, looking at the end of the security that has been education for the last 16 years.  So I was born on  December 25th 1995 in a town called Luton, I have to confess I have awful long term memory so can’t really remember any of my early childhood other than the facts. My brother then arrived in 1999  and at this point we had moved to a very small stereotypical English village called Pirton which has a very small primary school, shop, 2 pubs, a church and a park and that’s it.  One of the things that I can remember about this house is that I had a mermaid/ under the sea bedroom with a blue carpet and fish lamp.  I went to the local village school which was about a 2 minute walk up the road and I think there were about 15 children in my class. I had a lovely time here from what I can remember, summers picking daisies on the school field whilst the boys played football, school plays, trips out  and we were kinda in this little bubble where everyone knows everyone. Then came secondary school,

Then came secondary school which means venturing into the closest town, which takes about 15 minutes in the car. I attended an all-girls school from the age of 11 to 18 and it was okay. Looking back now perhaps my time here wasn’t the best especially towards the end but for the majority of the time I had a good group of friends some from the village and some new ones. More school trips  to places like Berlin and  new experiences from after school clubs to the initial excitement of getting the bus to school. I Passed my GCSEs and then chose to stay on at the same school to do A levels in Food Technology, Biology, English Literature and Sociology. This is perhaps where I feel like I began to struggle mainly due to the pressure that I put on myself, all I have ever wanted is to make my parents, especially my dad proud. As we were all doing different subjects my friendship group began to splinter and there came this feeling of isolation from the people I had know for as long as I could remember, I made new friends but at the same time I don’t think that our group ever really repaired.

Year 13 came and went and suddenly I was faced with the reality that I wasn’t going to be at school anymore, for me and my issues university was the next and only step, but I know it isn’t for everyone certainly not all of my friends went.  Sure enough, September came  and I was wrapped up in moving out for the first time and starting a whole new chapter in my life that I almost have a new start leaving behind the little village and fully embracing city life.  The need to get out is one that I still have to this day and something that I want to talk about in far more detail.  Anyway apart from the occasional trip home for the holidays and a broken hand I loved university  and everything that came with it. That first summer was probabily the hardest as my friends that hadn’t gone to university seemed that much closer and I felt so alone, getting a job helped and again I made new friends I didn’t end up just sitting around- I still go back to this job in the summer and I will always be grateful for what it represents. Another struggle that I still have is transitioning from the city back into village life and also back in with my mum and dad. The usually peaceful silence of the village has become stifling and if possible the village seems even smaller than it was when I left for the first time.

Year two went much the same as year one, with the friends that didn’t go to university the first time going this time which I think has widened the split within our friendship group and I think that if it wasn’t for our parents being close we would have lost contact. Boys came more into the picture and a couple of disasters too but they weren’t serious enough to met my parents. Time seemed to speed up and my time table more full which meant that year flew by and before I knew it I was home for the summer facing the reality that I only had one year left.

That brings us up to now where I only have a few months left, they say that time flies and I really has. It only seems like last week that I was unpacking my stuff into my last university flat  and meeting my flatmates for the first time and now I am planning when is good time to fit in moving out whilst trying to locate a spoon and running on high quantities of caffeine which I am proud to say has become a close friend of mine. Again relationships have come and gone, if you can call them that but honestly everyone is feeling the pressure right now and my day to day life consists of food, coffee, university lectures more food such as chocolate which is needed at the end of the day and finally bottom of that list is sleep.

I am in the middle of my dissertation with a presentation on Tuesday and a placement every Friday as well as daily reminders of graduate job searches and postgraduate study.  I plan to bring you along as I finish off my time at university job applications, interviews, saying goodbye and offering/sharing advice that I have found useful along the way.

That’s it I think for now, just a introduction of me and my journey so far. I hope that you have found it somewhat interesting and not a complete waste of time- but please leave me a comment with anything you want to know!

Until next time my friends,

Emily xx














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