Packing for university

Hello everyone and happy Thursday,

I hope you are all well and as planned I have just about found the time to sit down and write this post which is going to show you my top things to take to university. As I was the first in my family to go I ended up taking way too much of some stuff and not enough of others and so with my university experience ending as for some it will begin in September, I thought I would share this with you.  I wanted to put in a checklist which I have used every year but depending on what comes within your flat you might not need all of this.

  • Bedroom
    •Duvet- Don’t go over thick as halls of residence get pretty hot you can always buy pretty throws to add layers
    •Duvet covers- I take 2/3 bedding sets ( one on my bed, one in the wash and one spare) these are best to be tumble dried otherwise they take up way to much space. Go for some cool colours and patterns- anything to personalise your room.
    •Mattress protector
    •Pillows & pillow cases
    •Blackout blind- Here in the UK it is not always possible to change the blind if yours is not already black out- you get used to sleeping in whatever darkness is available
    •Doorstop- good for socialising with flat mates but at the same time you can shut the door if you want some time to relax alone
    •Storage boxes
    •Bath towels- again you don’t many of these as you only use 1 or 2 at a  time and storage is often tight so make sure you dont end up taking loads but go from something bright and not too expensive
    •Hand towels
    •Toilet brush
    Kitchen- My top tips for the kitchen is to buy everything in a certain colour say pink  or with a pattern on it so you remember what is yours. Dont go buying anything expensive as they will go missing especially when people are moving out or will get broken.
    •Saucepans and frying pan
    •Kitchen knives
    •Chopping board
    •Potato peeler
    •Spatula/masher/slotted spoon
    •Measuring jug
    •Wooden spoon
    •Baking tray
    •Oven proof dishes
    •Can opener
    •Bottle opener
    •Plates and bowls
    •Mugs and glasses
    •Storage containers
    •Cling film
    •Aluminium foil
    •Tea towels/oven gloves
    •Clothes horse
    •Dish cloths

Laundry- this kind of fits in here, make sure you know where the laudry is, I would say remember to sort out your colors from whites but in my first year I discovered color catchers which if you dont know are pieces of fabric which you put in with your clothes and will catch any color that runs from clothes. This means that I put everything in the machine altogether and don’t have to worry about ruining my white shirt with pink underwear and it also makes it cheaper as at all of the accommodation I have stayed in a wash costs around £2.20 and if you want the dryer its another £1 so throwing it all in saves time and money

Stationery– do try and start organized, I always date and file every single piece of paper as it helps when it comes to assessments to know where everything is. Use a different coloured folder for each module and I really like using project books which are already divided up.

•Hole punch
•Glue and Sellotape
•Blue tack- sticking photos/ decorations will make it seem more like home.
Computer Equipment
•Laptop- a must even if you are not planning on taking it with you every day all assessments for my subject needed to be typed and electronically handed in.
•Memory stick- Just in case something happens backup everything, I also suggest using One drive/ drop box as well
•Laptop cover/bag
•Microsoft Office
First Aid Kit- going with one of these packed is best as you are likely to come down with a cold very quickly mixing with loads of new people and all the nights out for freshers week and therefore having everything saves time and effort.
•Pain killers
•Cold & flu remedies
•Anti histamine
•Antiseptic cream
•Antiseptic wipes

I think i have managed to cover eveything but leave a comment if you have taken something particually usefull so I can add it  to my list. If you are going to university next year I want to a post closer to the time with my best buys and the available packages that some companies  provide but I hope you found this list useful.

This week has been super busy but I am glad to have got this up on time  even though it has taken me ovet two days to get it finished and ready to go but it is Easter break next week and althought I have so much to do I am looking forward to going  home.

That’s it for now so please leave a comment and until next time,

Emily xx






Fairy Tale Ending


Good Morning everyone !

I hope you are all well and  that you had a lovely weekend whatever you ended up doing. spending some time out in the sunshine that was here in the UK for a couple days or maybe just catching up with your Netflix queue. Through my window it is very grey compared to the blue skies of yesterday but to be honest it doesn’t really matter today as I am inside working and then I have to run some erands. I don’t know about you but time seems to be flying by  in this last week before easter break and more importantly the deadline for my dissertation (if I haven’t talked about it enough!)

Within my degree we are currently looking at sex and intimacy within society which has led me  to question what is love? Is it the feeling of butterflies when you see your partner or something that is subjective and love to one person doesn’t mean the same to another? Also is young love real? I mean I have a couple of friends which are in relationships where the phase ‘ I love you’ has been uttered perhaps not always with the best of timings but it had been put out there probably with the question of whether it has been said to early. I myself haven’t reached this stage just yet and it isn’t a fear of this word LOVE  the great phenomenon that is  no..its more how do you know you are in love? I’ve turned and I am so totally in love with the idea of ‘the one’ although sociology tells me different I think that the older I have become the fascinated by fairy tales and ‘love at first sight’

Maybe its just that my degree has involved looking at society in such detail that it has just highlighted the negatives and the issues it has that I want the perfect ‘happy ending’ something that my parents have- 22 years married and still so in love despite annoying the hell out of each other- is this love? I understand that sometimes love does not last and it hurts when it doesn’t but is it wrong to want it, the utterly human need for connection with someone ???


Of course here at university, there have been the relationships and of course the drunken kisses and which may or may not have ended up in a bed not necessarily mine but they weren’t anything big enough to take home and meet the parents but this is the goal isn’t it- to find the one? I think that the older I get the more I fall in love with the idea of fairy tales especially with the remake of the classics from my childhood. Most recently Beauty and the Beast but my personal favorite is the live action Cinderella movie that I could happily watch over and over just to see the happy ever after.

I think that there is this fear attached to the phrase ‘love’ especially as a teenager in a relationship, I mean do we really understand what love is and more so in terms of where it is too early to say it. However, there is no way of knowing what will happen from one moment to the next and although it may sound cheesy life really is too short  so I guess don’t go through life with regrets, wishing that you  said ‘I love you’ one more time and it doesn’t have to be to your boy/girlfriend but when was the last time you told your parents- I know they know it but when was the last time you actually said it?

Oh blimey this hasn’t been the most cheerful read either has it, but I have to say I haven’t had the time to write what I planned in time for today and this was a half written post for an assessment which I have just finished off  but Thursday will be a post on what to take to university (Home wear, bedding ect) which I hope some of you will find helpful.

Until Next Time,


Emily xx

Together we can unite

Hello everyone,

This is a different post to the one I had planned for this week and after the tragedy that happened in London yesterday it only seemed right to turn my attention to this especially sitting here at 2 am Friday morning with time to sit back and think.  As I am writing this there are live updates here where sadly another victim has died.

Growing up over the last decades I honestly can’t remember a time where somewhere in the world there has not been one conflict or another and we are supposedly in peace time, but if this is the situation now what is it going to be like in the future- are my children going to be facing a war unlike anything we have seen before? Technology despite its advantages has also made it so much easier to do damage and it seems that in the twenty-first century that conflict has become normal, from daily new reports to the rise of militainment and video games. Wouldn’t it be nice if just once there really was an end to the fighting, for just once every single person stopped and really thought about it, the damage and the heartbreak, the suffering and the loss?

Sitting here I can not imagine the pain that the people involved in the incident in London and there friends and family must be going through. I know my mum and dad, my family are safe at home but at the same time there is this fear that something could happen and the two hours it takes me to get home feels like the other side of the world right now and there is nothing I can do. How is that fair that someone feels they have the right to play god- to take away fathers and sons and daughters and siblings?

I know that this post doesn’t in any way shed light or pay enough tribute to those who have died with many more injured nor those who were first on the scene doing everything to save lives but in a time where we are more connected than ever it seems as if humanity is falling apart but maybe just maybe there is hope.

As I am sure you are aware I am knee deep in deadlines right now so I’m not sure whether there will be a post on Monday.  I hope  you all have a lovely weekend and until next time !


End of Year 1

Good evening,

I hope you are all well and your week hasn’t gotten off to a bad start although we are only on Monday. I am struggling to fit everything in this week and so actually haven’t had the time over the weekend to sit down and write a blog post for today. Bearing that in mind and the point of setting up this blog I thought I would share a piece I wrote for another beauty based blog looking back at my first year of university. So here it is- the blog post I wrote on the train heading back home for the final time before moving out day. It isnt to embarrassing but thought it might be something interesting to read-I would have loved to stay up a little longer and I have fallen completely in love with the city and the

I would have loved to stay up a little longer and I have fallen completely in love with the city and the life style that comes along with it and I am sad to be heading back to the countryside and my little town in the middle of nowhere. I always struggle getting back into any sort of routine when I visit home because it is so quite and isolated and honestly I feel a little alone  even though I am with my family Coming from a  little town in the middle of nowhere I have always loved the city every time visited London mainly because the noise of the place and it is the same thing here in Nottingham and I have always had these dreams of getting away from the village and living in New York and more recently Hawaii and these dreams still remain although I now need to consider how I am going to be able to achieve these as if the next two year of my degree pass as quickly as this one I will be graduating in no time.

Another thing about going home is that I do feel isolated from  the world I used to have in terms of friendships as although I have been away the world and my friends have moved on and while I haven’t been left behind through my own adventures we are nowhere as close as we were before and this is going to be hard especially with all the time I now have to spend at home but I do have a job so this will hopefully give me the opportunity to meet some new people.I feel a little trapped and stuck when I go home because it almost lie regressing back to when I lived back home full time rather than having moved out and grown up my parents still treat me like a child which is hard  as I have had to take care of myself  whilst I have been away and therefore don’t need them to do everything  for me as I did before. BUT there is no way I ever regret going to university and o have made myself some amazing friends and fallen in love once or twice and I think I have matured greatly due to this experience. 

I hope you found this somewhat interesting and I will try and get time to write something for Thursday perhaps about starting as I am, to look for a graduate job/ life after university so leave me a comment if this is something you would be interested in.

I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and until next time,


Emily x

Hurtling towards the end

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week so far whatever it may involve whether it is school university or a job.  I want to begin this post with a kind of update about what’s been going on this week so far. This week has been a real struggle for me in terms of the amount of stuff I have had to do for the very quickly approaching deadlines and so it has involved a lot of late nights and hours poured into the library.

This is kinda what this blog post is about as I wanted to share with you some advice and tips that I use when managing multiple deadlines as well as everything else and managing to sleep and see the outside of my flat or the library for a few hours. The way my course is structured has meant that in year one and two the work we had was not a huge amount just a few assessments which seemed to be equally stretched out- same for third year right?

No! It is nowhere near the same thing it’s like saved everything and shoved it all into the final year and all within the same three months too. Anyway now you’ve had me moan at how much I have to do- and you should see the length of my to do list for this week, let’s go through some tips to manage everything 

  1. Time Managment- This is a key skill to have throughout your education and something that employers will look for on your CV.  One of the things that I do usually as soon as I am able to get hold of all the deadlines is write a list putting them in date order and clearly prioritizing the one that is in first.  if it is just reading an article or answering questions get these out the way to focus on bigger projects but at the same time remembering to go back over everything to remember what the topic was and my answers. 
  2.  Reward yourself- Whether it’s food, going out to meet your friends or letting yourself have a break to watch YouTube or Netflix (provided you don’t get sucked in and stop working completely!), incentives can be a good way to get work done. Either set a timer or alarm for however long you work best (some people can do an hour, whilst others prefer 15-20 minute bursts!) and after that amount of time, put down your pen and give yourself a reward. If it helps, set another alarm for when you’ll go back to work. Alternatively, let yourself stop working when you hit a certain word count or you finish a section of your work – set yourself a goal and when you’ve achieved it, reward yourself! You deserve it.
  3. Turn off distractions! Whilst it can be difficult to tear yourself away from beloved Netflix or turn the music off, if you found yourself getting too absorbed in watching something or singing along and not concentrating properly on your work, it’s probably best to turn it off.  Although personally I don’t enjoy it often struggling with the silence actually I have found I take in information better when working in silence- head to your university library where usually there are silent study rooms or zones.
  4. Excerise – This is something that I use when  I have spend 15 hours in front my laptop and I’m ready to start talking to the walls. You don’t need a gym membership, load up your phone, grab some workout clothes and hit the streets. Going for a run especially first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day and has long since been a  way for me to take a break. 
  5. Start early! For some, it may be too late and this is something I only ever remember in hindsight that I never remember to do for my next assignment. Starting early and doing small bits every few days is so much easier than doing it all in the three days before. I always have a friend that manages to be motivated enough to do their work weeks before it’s due in but I find I need more pressure that a looming deadline gives me. This isn’t the best thing to do especially with large projects- starting early leave you time to make plenty of changes and make sure that it is as good as it is going to get before submitting your work.
  6. Break Down the ProjectsAlways break down the projects into small activities and fix milestones for each activity. When the project is broken down into small steps, it becomes easier to carefully monitor them but make sure the milestones are sensible enough to complete the project.
  7. Always aim to finish a day early – to allow for mishaps like unexpected interruptions or computer and printing glitches.

I get that most of these are common sense but if you do these then for me it has helped somewhat in the past to manage my workload but recently my bad habits such as oullg late or all nighters running on coffee and quick/ easy foods have returned with full force. While I don’t mind doing them now they aren’t the best thing and I do find myself struggling to stay motivated having stayed up till the early hours working.

This is something slightly different to the previous two posts but I needed to get something up as I am slammed with week  actually writing this late Tuesday night in a spare half hour so that I have something to go up on  Thursday- let me know if you want to see more like this such as those on budgeting or perhaps tips for your first year/moving away from home for the first time.

Until Next Time,

Emily xx


Friendships aren’t forever

Hello everyone,

Happy Monday and I hope you all had a good weekend. Post number two and so far we are on schedule…that’s a good start right 2 for 2?  As you can see from the title I am going to talk about something I touched on briefly in my last post but it was something that I felt needed to be discussed within in post itself.

So if you read my last post you will already know that time high school I found myself in a really close group of friends some of which I had known from pre-school so we had practically grown up together, went on holidays and talked about anything and everything…great and some new ones  and all was great!  Then came sixth form, it was during this time  I found myself moving away from this group and perhaps recognising the issues and clashing with some of the personalities within the group. Normally I would say I was a sociable person but  this very awkward and uncomfortable divide developed and sides began to form

Having chosen to take slightly different subjects to my friends I become good friends with another group of girls which were completely different, running in different circles and to be honest the girls who I had been friends with for a long time became… not cruel,  but it was just the occasional comment. I think it was here where I really began to struggle because I dont think I had ever felt so alone, I mean I had friends and nothing happened during my time at school but it was more the loss of the friends that had been together through everything that left me feeling isolated. This divide is something that is still there today every time we all return home it is never to meet as a group but clusters within the group and whilst I tell my parents that it doesn’t matter, deep down it really does.

This split got worse with us all heading off to different universities but at the same time it has enabled me to have a whole new set of friends and relationships away from the disintegration happening back home.  When I first left for uni I made I promise to myself that I would really try and stay in contact with my friends back home and looking back now this was a little naive that things would be the same I mean I’m not there for weeks at a time. I cant actually remember the last time I spoke to my best friend, other than the occasional message we’ve completely lost contact.

I love the friends I have made here at uni and know that we will remain in contact throughout the summer and into the following years but things aren’t the same back home and sometimes I don’t really want to go back and if it weren’t for my family I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. It definatly feels like the end of my friendship with the girls and while I’m not upset I think when I look back it is a shame that we no longer talk.Perhaps that means we weren’t that close in the first place ?

Friendships are all part of growing up from the first ones at pre-school, the person you sit next to on the first day of school, college rooms mates and then your boy/girl friend who will be one of your best friends. I do miss my best friend but I have long since realised that it isn’t worth it and it is time to move on- after all friendships don’t always last…right?

Okay then that was a bit of a depressing read for the beginning of this blog but I want this to be honest and I think who you are friends with is a massive part of who you are  so why not put my issues online. Once again I hope this was somewhat of an interesting read and perhaps a little bit of comfort if you are going through something similar as I know how lonely it can be.

I hope you all have a good week, please leave me a comment as I would love to know what you think of this post and if there is anything you want to read about.



Emily xx

Why don’t we start from the beginning?

Where to start?… oh hello is a beginning I suppose. Hello everyone and welcome to my first post on my new blog which is very different to the one I have already on beauty and skin care but that seems to be a very popular topic to blog about so why not share something different.  I am actually writing this  at 9pm when I am supposed to be doing something completely different- Procrastination right here!

I thought as a first post and hopefully to make this interesting I would share with you my journey so far which has led me here, looking at the end of the security that has been education for the last 16 years.  So I was born on  December 25th 1995 in a town called Luton, I have to confess I have awful long term memory so can’t really remember any of my early childhood other than the facts. My brother then arrived in 1999  and at this point we had moved to a very small stereotypical English village called Pirton which has a very small primary school, shop, 2 pubs, a church and a park and that’s it.  One of the things that I can remember about this house is that I had a mermaid/ under the sea bedroom with a blue carpet and fish lamp.  I went to the local village school which was about a 2 minute walk up the road and I think there were about 15 children in my class. I had a lovely time here from what I can remember, summers picking daisies on the school field whilst the boys played football, school plays, trips out  and we were kinda in this little bubble where everyone knows everyone. Then came secondary school,

Then came secondary school which means venturing into the closest town, which takes about 15 minutes in the car. I attended an all-girls school from the age of 11 to 18 and it was okay. Looking back now perhaps my time here wasn’t the best especially towards the end but for the majority of the time I had a good group of friends some from the village and some new ones. More school trips  to places like Berlin and  new experiences from after school clubs to the initial excitement of getting the bus to school. I Passed my GCSEs and then chose to stay on at the same school to do A levels in Food Technology, Biology, English Literature and Sociology. This is perhaps where I feel like I began to struggle mainly due to the pressure that I put on myself, all I have ever wanted is to make my parents, especially my dad proud. As we were all doing different subjects my friendship group began to splinter and there came this feeling of isolation from the people I had know for as long as I could remember, I made new friends but at the same time I don’t think that our group ever really repaired.

Year 13 came and went and suddenly I was faced with the reality that I wasn’t going to be at school anymore, for me and my issues university was the next and only step, but I know it isn’t for everyone certainly not all of my friends went.  Sure enough, September came  and I was wrapped up in moving out for the first time and starting a whole new chapter in my life that I almost have a new start leaving behind the little village and fully embracing city life.  The need to get out is one that I still have to this day and something that I want to talk about in far more detail.  Anyway apart from the occasional trip home for the holidays and a broken hand I loved university  and everything that came with it. That first summer was probabily the hardest as my friends that hadn’t gone to university seemed that much closer and I felt so alone, getting a job helped and again I made new friends I didn’t end up just sitting around- I still go back to this job in the summer and I will always be grateful for what it represents. Another struggle that I still have is transitioning from the city back into village life and also back in with my mum and dad. The usually peaceful silence of the village has become stifling and if possible the village seems even smaller than it was when I left for the first time.

Year two went much the same as year one, with the friends that didn’t go to university the first time going this time which I think has widened the split within our friendship group and I think that if it wasn’t for our parents being close we would have lost contact. Boys came more into the picture and a couple of disasters too but they weren’t serious enough to met my parents. Time seemed to speed up and my time table more full which meant that year flew by and before I knew it I was home for the summer facing the reality that I only had one year left.

That brings us up to now where I only have a few months left, they say that time flies and I really has. It only seems like last week that I was unpacking my stuff into my last university flat  and meeting my flatmates for the first time and now I am planning when is good time to fit in moving out whilst trying to locate a spoon and running on high quantities of caffeine which I am proud to say has become a close friend of mine. Again relationships have come and gone, if you can call them that but honestly everyone is feeling the pressure right now and my day to day life consists of food, coffee, university lectures more food such as chocolate which is needed at the end of the day and finally bottom of that list is sleep.

I am in the middle of my dissertation with a presentation on Tuesday and a placement every Friday as well as daily reminders of graduate job searches and postgraduate study.  I plan to bring you along as I finish off my time at university job applications, interviews, saying goodbye and offering/sharing advice that I have found useful along the way.

That’s it I think for now, just a introduction of me and my journey so far. I hope that you have found it somewhat interesting and not a complete waste of time- but please leave me a comment with anything you want to know!

Until next time my friends,

Emily xx